THe road map



We kick things off with a brand Q&A session, finding out what you're all about and then create a concept  to suit your needs. For some it's to produce content for their brand to reach their existing target market, for others it's  shooting a concept to reach a new target market. 

We can also assist with presenting content during a workshop or event. Our road map will include

  • creating a mood board to point us in the right direction
  • suggesting the best collaborators
  • an itinerary to get you to your goal


Get that all important first introduction to service providers that's brand appropriate and target market specific. It can be intimidating for anyone to connect with someone whose work you've been admiring for some time and just never had the courage to tell. We create a team of collaborators that speak to the same audience and will all benefit from a collaboration


Using your concept mood board as a road map we liaise with your dream team to make sure everyone's on the same page and we create the plan to give the collaboration the best chance of success.


Depending on how much time you have available, we can literally arrange everything for you so that you just need to arrive on the day to present or shoot your heart out. No more driving to source or collect items or following up with collaborators.

on-site assistance

Should you require an extra pair of hands and eyes on the day to make sure the concept is perfectly executed we can gladly assist.


With social media being such a driving force we now offer behind-the-scenes photo and video services that will take your concept exposure to the next level. Ever wanted to show your target audience how you approach a shoot or give them a peek into your personality, well here's the perfect solution.

Submission & distribution

After you've done the editing we can contact your chosen platform for publication and also distribute the images to the service providers that were involved in the collaboration. No more harassing emails in peak season for image resizing!



The destination


Content creation Shoot for an existing target market

You've worked hard on your brand and marketing but creating content to continually engage with your target market via social media platforms or blog features usually gets the least attention because you're busy creating for existing clients. If you're looking at attracting new clients from your existing target market, this one's for you.


Concept Shoot for a reinvention

Every creative person reaches a point where they feel that they are stagnating or not reaching their ideal market. Doing a more in-depth analysis we determine what will resonate with your new market or if you just want to shoot something that's out of your comfort zone, we can assist to bring that new concept to life.


content presentation

There's so much crazy talent out there but not everyone knows how to share their talent and knowledge. If you've accumulated skills that will benefit other creatives, why not share that through a workshop or huddle session?

We  can also assist those that have a new product they're launching that can inspire or fill others will happiness.


We take the hassle, stress and drama out of planning and implementing something that makes your heart happy and attracts your dream clients.




the benefits


Our connections

It takes years to build a rolodex of contacts and for most it's actually an intimidating and daunting task, especially if you label yourself as an introvert. Having been in the industry for over 8 years we've taken the time to connect and build relationships with fantastic creatives and with a variety of styles and personalities, your perfect dream team is just an introduction away.


Tried & tested

All the collaborators we feature on our portfolio, have worked with us on projects in the past. We will only recommend someone that we personally know and have experienced their services and products personally. This ensures that the end result is of a high standard and maintains a good working relationship for future collaborations.


Time saving

As most of you who have planned a shoot  or presentation know by now, creating a concept and collaboration takes a lot of time and fills your inbox with constant admin. Attempting to do shoots and collaborations during the season takes balls and losing your sanity and excitement is almost a guarantee. Depending on how much time you have available we create the best plan of action.



Have you ever been in the situation where you are busy planning a shoot only to be beat by someone else with a similar concept? In our concept planning phase we contact the collaborators and the platform you're thinking of having the concept featured to enquire about their upcoming shoots and themes. We make sure that the products have not been overused, which takes away from the specialness of your idea.