Sophie Jean

Image courtesy of Natalie Roos Photography

Image courtesy of Natalie Roos Photography



Sophie Jean is the combination of my mother's first name and my grandmother's nickname, and as a young child they were my entire world. From my grandmother's house in the bustling Voortrekker road in Stikland and my home in Stellenbosch, they instilled in me a love and fascination with nostalgia and everything retro, and the idea that you don't throw anything away. And I believe that they shaped and cultivated my creativity and love of beauty and fashion.   

Having spent my formative years in the fashion and design industries, I decided to take a detour into the world of weddings in 2016 and after a stint as an event coordinator, I realised that one of the best ways to engage my creative drive and my introvert desire to connect one-on-one with people, is by following my passion for make-up.  

This is how Sophie Jean was conceived and started, I trained in Stellenbosch, and now I want to assist you on your wedding day, special event or shoot to create a beauty look that excels your expectations. 

Sophie Jean is unique, fresh and inspiring.  My biggest goals are to make you look great and feel wonderful, both inside and out. Because there is nothing better than being a 100% you!

I also offer styling and graphic design services to help you with any event you’re organising.





Make-up looks created and applied with you, the client in mind. Whether to enhance your natural beauty for your wedding day, or for a creative editorial, I strive for excellence and beauty in all things.


Up-styles, braids and male grooming. Any and all hairstyling needs for your event can be met with our one-stop-shop approach. Let me complete the picture, from head to toes.


Let me use my years of experience in design, styling and events to help you create and edit your look, event design or invitations for the ultimate streamlined experience.


I want to empower you with the knowledge of great make-up application. I'm available for one-on-one lessons or for small groups sessions.

Image courtesy of Angelique Smith Photography

Image courtesy of Angelique Smith Photography





Contact number:  +27 84 500 3937

Instagram: @sophiejeanmua